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Roland (Rpu-3) Electronic Keyboard Pedal Or Footswitch

Roland (Rpu-3) Electronic Keyboard Pedal Or Footswitch

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This item was returned in mint condition. It is free of any performance issues, and has no scratches, blemishes, or other cosmetic flaws. Combining three pedals into one convenient and clutter-free unit, the RPU-3 Pdeal unit offers a real grand piano pedaling experience. With separate 1/4outputs for each of its three pedals, the RPU-3 is compatible with keyboards such as s FP-7F and RD-700 series pianos. In addition to providing the same pedal configuration as a grand piano, the RPU-3 also provides hands-free control of various instrument functions, such as the FP-7F s Looper and harmony effects.

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