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Peg-Perego Double Adapter - Z4 / Ypsi

Peg-Perego Double Adapter - Z4 / Ypsi

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The use of our Double adapters enhance the sleek and compact design of the YPSI stroller. The double adapters take away the limitations that most double strollers offer by giving the parent s a choice on the style that works best for the family. Create the double stroller of your dreams by paring these easy to use double adapters with any Ypsi Stroller, companion seat, Ypsi bassinet, and Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido car seat. Includes both the upper and lower set of adapters. Instal once with no need to remove them again. The Ypsi Double Adapters provide every family with the option of using one set of adapters or both to enhance their Ypsi Stroller. Need a stroller for two with options. Pair the Ypsi Double Adapters with any of the Ypsi accessories to create the double stroller of your dreams. Convert your single Ypsi Stroller to a double with ease when installing the Ypsi Double Adapters.

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