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Silverman & Co. Double 6 Large Black Domino Set - Orange Case

Silverman & Co. Double 6 Large Black Domino Set - Orange Case

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Known worldwide as the premier manufacturer of classic board games, . continues the tradition of excellence with their new collection of Double 6 domino sets. Take a closer look at this thrilling combination of quality materials and craftsmanship, at an unbeatable price. This Double 6 set of dominoes comes in an orange leatherette case, and contains 28 black dominoes with spinners. Each domino measures a hefty 2-3/16 tall, by 1-1/16 wide, and a full 1/2 thick. In addition to their great size, these dominoes feature a smooth and polished surface, the result of using high quality polishing agents imported directly from Japan. The results are simply spectacular. Dominoes this beautiful require more than an ordinary storage box. . have crafted a one-of-a-kind jewelry style storage box that not only looks stunning, it actually is designed to keep these dominoes well protected after game play. As seen in the photos above, each layer of dominoes is divided by a thick and smooth felt separator for added reassurance. When you first open the case lid, you ll notice that the dominoes are covered with a felt insert, easily removed with a classy satin pull tab. The case lid is also padded, and is secured with hidden magnets when closed. Such quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are not found in any other product. Available exclusively from GammonVillage, the . dominoes sets are ideal gifts when you need to impress, or if you simply need to have the best for yourself.

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