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Strymon - Cloudburst - Ambient Reverb Pedal

Strymon - Cloudburst - Ambient Reverb Pedal

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Redefining the reverb pedal once again, the Cloudburst is an ambient reverb like no other. A transformative space-box with unique a celestial string section emulation they ve dubbed Ensemble that will transcend listeners into nirvana with all it s shimmering glory. Stereo equipped with TRS ins & outs that can be switched to either stereo or mono or combinations of such via dip switches inside the guts, Full MIDI integration for up to 300 presets and expression control with USB-C connection for firmware updates, further MIDI control & access to Nixie. A whole lotta verb MIDI Cloudburst features full MIDI implementation, allowing you to control pedal parameters remotely by sending MIDI commands from your controller or DAW via Cloudbursts EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection. 300 MIDI preset locations are available for loading and saving your favorite settings. Remotely bypass or engage the pedal, automate decay time or other knob adjustments in your DAW, recall unique presets for each song on your setlist — the possibilities with MIDI are limitless. True & Buffered Bypass Cloudburst lets you choose electromechanical relay switched true bypass for a 100% untouched, unprocessed signal when the pedal is bypassed (this is the default setting), or you can opt for our premium quality buffered bypass that conditions your signal to preserve its integrity by preventing the high end roll-off that can happen due to longer cable runs. JFET Input Uncompromised dynamics and feel. Exceptional touch sensitivity and responsiveness. Cloudburst feels just as good as it sounds, thanks to a high impedance ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp input. Stereo In & Out No need to make compromises when it comes to signal routing or pedal placement — Cloudburst is a stereo reverb pedal with full stereo in/out capabilities.

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