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Runlesswire - Click For Philips Hue - Light Switch - White

Runlesswire - Click For Philips Hue - Light Switch - White

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Control your smart lights the traditional way with this white switch for Phillips Hue. Zigbee wireless technology allows for internet-free operation. This switch requires no wires or batteries, allowing for easy installation, and lets you control your Hue system and scenes via the light switch instead of the app. Compatible with Zigbee home automation products So you can easily integrate light control into your existing home network. Replaces your current light switch For remote wireless control of hard-wired lights. Mounting kit All necessary hardware is included. Additional control of Hue system Provides control of Hue system and scenes – all right out of the box. Requires pairing with Hue Bridge V2 (sold separately). Works with 3-way or 4-way switches Use multiple click for Hue switches to control Hue lights from multiple locations. No battery or external power is needed The switch transmits control signals powered by the kinetic energy produced with the click of the button.

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