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Hot Wheels City Attacking Shark Escape Playset

Hot Wheels City Attacking Shark Escape Playset

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has been in the fast lane for more than five decades, fueling vehicle-based play for kids of all ages. The worldwide, multigenerational phenomenon continues to deliver exhilarating experiences that ignite the challenger spirit that lives in every kid by breaking its own records with epic ways to drive play. Take a drive through the City parking garage but beware of the dangerous shark that attacks and eats unsuspecting vehicles. Take the kid-powered elevator to the top, then release the car at each level where there are three activators that randomly trigger the shark to break through and devour the car. Escape to the end, and the shark gets locked in the cage, opening the track for attack-free driving. One vehicle is included, but there s parking for more. Connect it to other sets and track pieces to build a one-of-a-kind cit. Kids & Baby > Toys > Baby Toys. .

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