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Bushnell Cellucore 20 Solar Cellular Trail Camera

Bushnell Cellucore 20 Solar Cellular Trail Camera

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The CelluCORE 20 Solar Combines the reliability and image quality of the CelluCORE 20 with an integrated solar panel to dramatically increase battery life. The solar panel detaches so you can adjust it to face the sun s strongest position. It includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can maintain a full charge for up to 70 images per day with adequate direct sunlight. The Dual-SIM configuration of the CelluCORE 20 Solar allows it to automatically connect to AT&T or Verizon-whichever offers the strongest cellular network based on your camera s location. No need to compare with network strength maps! And thanks to its optimized antenna, you know you re always getting the strongest cellular signal possible.

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