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Rhino Usa Car Tie-Down Lasso Straps (4 Pack Green)

Rhino Usa Car Tie-Down Lasso Straps (4 Pack Green)

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The lasso style straps ensure that your vehicle will remain in place on the trailer by triangulating the tie down points onto the center of each wheel. This allows your suspension and body to move independently from the drive train, leading to a more comfortable towing experience. This kit is ideal for transporting off-road vehicles, dirt track cars, and more. Each strap has a 10,000 LBS break strength and a working load limit of 3,333 LBS. This kit makes tying down easy and keeps you from getting under your rig to attach axle straps. Simply loop the lasso strap around the wheel, attach the chain to the metal couplers and tighten until snug. When removing the vehicle from the trailer, all that is required is to release the ratchet safety, remove the lasso strap, and store the tie downs in the included carrying case. The only other thing left to do is fire your machine up and hit the trail!

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