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Reactive Sling Shot By Mark Bell - Large Blue

Reactive Sling Shot By Mark Bell - Large Blue

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Bench heavy without pain using the patented Reactive. Crafted to reinforce proper form while strength training, this level 2 elastic will help keep your elbows in while bench pressing or doing pushups or dips. Refine your perfect technique to make the most of every workout and your gym time. If strength is your goal, then overload train with the Reactive. This band will help you bench 5 to 10% more weight than your usual maximum, helping you to reach your weight lifting and strength training goals. Great with any load, this band is also effective in injury rehab and physical therapy. Great for lifters of any level Lift 5 to 10% more than your max with this level 2 resistance band Flexible construction responds well for multiple exercises Can be used with any load, making it perfect for bodyweight movements Available in a variety of sizes to fit your body shape Premium quality that will not snap, roll or pull your skin Push your limits to reach your weight lifting goals with Reactive to see and feel the results.

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