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Silverback Baseball Swing Trainer | Goalsetter

Silverback Baseball Swing Trainer | Goalsetter

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Build confidence as you perfect your swing with the all-new Silverback Swing Trainer. Ideal for improving your muscle memory, timing, and contact in practice, both right and left-handed players can simulate pitches so they re ready the next time they step up to the plate. This innovative baseball batting training device features Lock n Rock Technology allowing athletes to set up and hit anywhere whether it s at home, at team or individual practices, or at the baseball field for pre-game warmups. The all-in-one portable design of Lock n Rock Technology quickly mounts the training system onto most round and square vertical poles (3-6wide) perfect for creating your own hitting practice anywhere. The set includes everything you need to begin training right away - Swing Trainer with tether and leather baseball and Lock n Rock mount. The tethered baseball allows for maximum efficiency during practice and less time spent chasing balls. The spin of the ball provides instant feedback for repetitive training.

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