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Fermob Balad Lamp 25 Cm, Bamboo

Fermob Balad Lamp 25 Cm, Bamboo

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Fermobs Balad H25 is a fun and versatile light that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its white streamlined shade and simple handle, the light resembles a pleasant, contemporary lantern. Launched in 2021, Balad bamboo is a special edition in which the handle is made of bamboo – the lamp is the perfect combination of durability and natural warmth. Balad is easy to carry from one place to another since the rechargeable LED technology makes it cordless, with the battery lasting up to 14 hours with one charge. The intensity and colour of the lamp can be adjusted from neutral to cool white, and it also has a flickering mode that resembles the warm glow of candlelight. Balad H25 lamp by Fermob lights up any setting and makes a great lamp for terraces, gardens and summer cottages. The cordless table lamp can be placed on the garden table, on a tree branch or inside the house.

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