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Grizzly Automatic Router Lift With Touch-Screen Controls. T1255

Grizzly Automatic Router Lift With Touch-Screen Controls. T1255

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This router lift takes table-mounted router height adjustments to the next level. Make all your precise adjustments at the touch of a button. Specific height settings can be keyed in and saved for repeatable cuts or jog up/down to the desired cut height to match a pattern piece; either way put the thumbwheels and hand cranks to rest while making your tool-free adjustments. Common-size plates and router adapters available to fit most router tables and routers. Specifications Accepts 4-1/4body routers Optional adapter ring for smaller routers available T30331 11-3/4x 9-1/4x 3/8router plate included Optional 12x 9plate available T30330 0.005indexing with controller Programmable height setting Manually set zero at any height Inch or millimeter setting Limit switches to prevent over travel Includes Router lift Router plate Table insert Starting pin Spanner wrench Controller

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