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High Tech Pet Armor Flex Door - Small | 310891901

High Tech Pet Armor Flex Door - Small | 310891901

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Pet Opening: 6.5X 13.5Energy Efficient: Hermetically Sealed for zero drafts and resistance to harsh weather. Safe for all pets. Won t pinch if the pet backs up. Magnetic latching system fully closes the flap every time. All aluminum door frame. Built to last a lifetime. Armor Flex pet doors feature a revolutionary patent pending flap design that creates an air tight seal, providing the highest level of extreme weather resistance and energy efficiency. The innovative new flap design is made of individual, interlocking segments, each precisely positioned by rare earth magnets. The interlocking segments pivot relative to one another to provide the horizontal rigidity required to create and air tight seal while providing vertical flexibility making it easy and safe for your pet to use. These extremely high quality pet doors feature heavy duty aluminum frame construction, high strength ABS composite flap construction and all stainless steel hardware. The doors are finished with the toughest industrial powder coat to look beautiful and work perfectly for years and years. Compared to other pet doors on the market, new Armor Flex doors represent a big step forward in quality, innovation and technology with lower pricing to give you not just a great pet door but a great value. AF2-S is small size, door installation (does not include wall tunnel).

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