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Captain America Women s Costume

Captain America Women s Costume

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Steve Rogers proves that anyone can be a hero. Just take a look at the guy before he became Captain America. He was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn, who got tossed around by every bully in the neighborhood. He couldnt even enjoy a film at the local theater without getting pulled into a fight with some disrespectful thug. He never gave up though. He weathered every hard time and eventually proved himself worthy of the Super Soldier Serum. If scrawny Steve Rogers can do it, then a fierce woman like you should have no problem holding the mantle of Captain America! What do you think? Are you ready to give it a try? Well, then youre going to need one spectacular outfit to round out that superhero aura youve been exuding! This womens Captain America costume should fit the bill quite nicely. This officially licensed costume is designed to look like Caps outfit from the movies, except it comes in a fit for women. The full-body jumpsuit has quilted foam padding to give it a slightly armored look and it fits in back with a zipper. Plenty of printed details give it a star-spangled look and the included belt really gives you a locked and loaded style! Of course, it comes with a mask that has an A on it to make sure all the supervillains know that youre the true First Avenger! Make sure you practice your combat moves and Frisbee throwing, since both of the skills will come in pretty handy when you wear this licensed costume from Marvel.

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