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Milwaukee 4-Piece Step Drill Bit Set - 48-89-9223

Milwaukee 4-Piece Step Drill Bit Set - 48-89-9223

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Milwaukee? 48-20-5308 Sdsmax Tunnel 1-3/4X 39Milwaukee s one piece carbide tipped tunnel bits are ideal for drilling large holes where the depth of the hole exceeds the practicality of a core bit. These tunnel bits come in diameters ranging from 1-1/2to 3-1/8with overall lengths of 12-1/4, 22or 39. The chisel and raker teeth are optimized for faster material pulverization. The SDS-Max shank one piece design maximizes energy transfer while the wide land and substantial core thickness makes these tunnel bits durable even in large hammers. The centering tip reduces bit walking for exact spot drilling. The three wide flutes create true round holes while ejecting debris fast.

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