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Metabo Hpt 36v Multivolt Table Saw 10 Inch Brushless (Tool Body Only)

Metabo Hpt 36v Multivolt Table Saw 10 Inch Brushless (Tool Body Only)

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The C3610DRJ 10 brushless full-size jobsite table saw provides the pro, a powerful and innovated solution for the modern jobsite. The MultiVolt table saw is a first of its kind offering the ability to be powered by a 36V MultiVolt battery for flexibility and portability or choose to plug into an outlet with the revolutionary AC adapter for all day power? The C3610DRJ, offers a market leading table top size for a portable table saw, giving the user the benefit of working with larger material safely. Most jobsite portable saws are too light to make accurate cuts, due to vibration and less powerful motors. The C3610DRJ hits the sweet spot at just 67 lbs, offering enough weight to make more accurate cuts without losing the benefits of being conveniently portable. Add the optional accessory of the fold and roll stand, for an ideal jobsite saw. The powerful brushless motor will not only give the user access to greater cutting capacity, but it will also power through sheets of hardwoods and thicker woods; where some of the smaller and lighter weight motors would fail.

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