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34.38 Resin Virgin Mary Statuary - Granite - Emsco

34.38 Resin Virgin Mary Statuary - Granite - Emsco

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Product Description: One way to enhance a home or commercial property is to decorate. Its not just the beautiful plants and stones that make up a good landscape statues also help in creating an attractive outdoor space. EMSCO Group offers a complete statuary line, and one of their most popular designs is the Virgin Mary Statue. The Virgin Mary Statue is made of resin and plastic material, but has a rich and textured stone appearance that makes it look realistic and concrete. Its material is durable, ensuring its stability in all types of environment, even in harsh weather conditions. In addition to durability, the statue is lightweight and can be effortlessly installed in seconds. It can also be filled with gravel or sand to add more weight and stability. With the size, material, and quality of the Virgin Mary Statue, it has a great value for its price. Group offers a complete line of outdoor statues, with designs that would fit the individuality of any home or commercial property. Their statues are sure to add a distinctive touch to any garden or patio. Aside from their lawn and garden tools and decor, Group also offers a wide range of products, including sports equipment, snow tools, gardening tools, childrens products, Christmas tree stands, and cleaning aids.

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