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Ispring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System With Carbon

Ispring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System With Carbon

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The WGB32B-PB whole house water filter system is an ideal point of entryfiltration system for cleaning up well or city water. Unlike point of usesystems that are installed to supply water to a specific faucet, the WGB32B-PB whole house water filtration system filters your water from the source. This means water from every output in your home will have passed through the three filtration stages of the WGB32B-PB whole house water filter. The stage 1 housing holds a 5-micron high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter. This filter removes dirt and other various larger sized particles from the water that can clog the following filters. The second stage houses a 5-micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. Block carbon is more effective than other forms of carbon in that it is more effective in removing their targeted contaminants. The carbon block filter knocks out bad tastes and odors, removes up to 99% of chlorine from the water, and is highly effective on industrial chemicals. The third stage houses a lead reducing water filter (FCRC25B). Color: Lead Removal w/ Hoses.

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