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Bal 23216 Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar

Bal 23216 Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar

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Bal Products 23216 Lock-Arm Sta-Bal-Izing Bar for RV Trailers - PairA perfect addition to your trailer s existing leveling or stabilizing jacks. The Lock-Arm extends to the trailer frame and mounts with two self-tapping screws included. After the one time installation the Lock-Arm will move up and down with the operation of the trailer s jack and will self store on the trailer. Once the jack is in the down position with the Lock-Arm extended use your 3/4 crank handle to tighten the set bolt. This will secure the Lock-Arm and provide extra front to back stability. One pair of Lock-Arm Bars with mounting hardware per box. Will work with various styles and brands of jacks.

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