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2-3 Ft. - American Arborvitae Tree - One Of The Fastest-Growing Privacy Trees Available | Brighter Blooms

2-3 Ft. - American Arborvitae Tree - One Of The Fastest-Growing Privacy Trees Available | Brighter Blooms

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Low-Maintenance, Fast-Growing Privacy Tree The American Arborvitae is a fantastic choice for an accent tree or a natural privacy barrier to deliver easy, fast growth for your yard. Plus, this tree can withstand a wide range of soil types and climates, including both severe winters and scorching summers. And once you plant your American Arborvitae, there s no need to prune, shape, or fertilize. This columnar, pyramidal tree will thrive even if you don t have a green thumb and keeps its natural, elegant silhouette through tough conditions, making it a perfect natural privacy fence. American Arborvitaes grow well together and won t require shearing to maintain. Whether you live in a snowy climate or a place full of dead, bare winter trees, our American Arborvitae s tight shape and bright green leaves will transform your yard. You get these good-looking, easy-care benefits without any effort on your part. The only catch? Grabbing your privacy trees before they re gone! Order your own American Arborvitae Trees today! Planting & Care 1. Planting: You can plant your American Arborvitae during any season, but avoid planting during very hot, dry weather. Choose a spot in your yard that receives full sun during the day (6 to 8 hours of sunlight). This tree prefers acidic, well-draining, and moist soil, but it can thrive in nearly any soil condition. When you plant your tree, dig a hole that is a little bigger than the root ball. Place your tree in and fill it halfway with soil. Then, firm the soil around the bottom half of the ball and water thoroughly. Fill the remainder of the hole and create a raised ridge around the base of the tree and then firm and water the soil again. Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the tree, staying 3 inches away from the trunk. Watering: During the first season that you plant your tree, it is important to water it frequently. The American Arborvitae needs to be watered deeply, so it is best to simply leave a water hose running for 10 minutes at the base of the tree, a few times per week. After the first season, you will no longer need to water the tree. Throughout the rest of the tree s life, you will only need to water it during periods of drought. Pruning: For thicker, bushier trees, you can prune the tops. If you do not prune your trees, they will maintain a pyramidal, columnar shape. Prune off any dead or diseased branches you see throughout your tree s life. Prune only in early spring or summer. | 2-3 ft. - American Arborvitae Tree - One of the Fastest-Growing Privacy Trees Available See how our 30 Day Happy & Healthy Gaurantee compares to Garden Goods Direct, Lowe s. Home Depot, The Tree Center, Nature Hills Nursery, Great Garden Plants, More.

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