Jorja Lindley is an Early Childhood Educator, an avid movie-goer, a lazy blogger, a mental health advocate, a chai latte addict, a true lover of love, a nap enthusiast, an Endometriosis survivor, wife to a remarkable man, and a one-time mom.

​After having her son, Boden in 2014, she fell in love with the idea of teething jewelry, but was determined to find her and her close-knit mommy group something more fashionable... And that's when BoBeads was born!

Jorja works out of her home in Ontario, Canada, putting together one of a kind pieces for trendy moms in her neighborhood and around the world... All after Boden has gone to bed!




Why silicone beads?
BoBeads only uses silicone beads because they are durable, and sanitary. Silicone beads dry quickly, are easily cleaned, and they don't absorb baby's saliva which means no bacteria growing! Soothers and bottle nipples are made from the same safe material, so BoBeads are a familiar comfort!

Are BoBeads safe for my baby?
BoBeads are just as safe as they are trendy! Each piece is put together with solid BPA-free, food-grade silicone beads, quick drying silk cord, and break-away clasps. The clasps are not meant for chewing. BoBeads should never be worn by infants, or left with an unattended child. *

Are BoBeads safe for older children?
BoBeads are an excellent outlet for older children with sensory needs.  BoBeads are also a safe and stylish choice for dress-up!  Our beads are durable, and so stylish that you'd never know they were designed for chewing. *

How do I clean my BoBeads?
BoBeads can be cleaned the same way you clean your baby's other toys! They're safe in a sanitizer, or washed with soap and warm water. You can put BoBeads in your dishwasher, in the cutlery basket with minimal detergent. Food-grade silicone is safe under boiling water.  Natural sanitizing toy/ soother wipes are also available at most baby product stores. *

How do custom orders work?
When placing a custom order, you are able to let us know which style you'd like, and in which color(s)! While no two BoBeads pieces are exactly the same, a custom order allows you to make the piece all yours! To order a custom piece, please send us an email (babybobeads@gmail.com) with all of your ideas. Custom orders come with an additional $5 fee.

When can I expect my package to arrive in the mail?
Your BoBeads will be shipped within a week of placing your order.  Within North America, shipping will take approximately 7-10 business days.  Internationally, shipping can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.  DUE TO COVID19 SHIPPING DELAYS, BOBEADS CAN NOT GUARENTEE SHIPPING TIMES.  

If you are local enough to the Kitchener, Ontario area you may opt to pick up your order in person.  Use the promo code PICKUP to eliminate the automatic shipping fee, when checking out.

Are gift certificates available?
If you're wanting to gift BoBeads to a lucky new mommy but aren't sure which colors or styles she'd love most, shop credits are available in any denomination; the recipient will be given a personalized promo code to enter when checking out on our site!

What is the return policy?
Due to the intimate use of BoBeads pieces, there are no refunds. If we have managed to get your order incorrect, please contact us within a few days of receiving your order.